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This is a work in progress... I have created a Google Document to share the basic lesson plans I have designed for integrating iPads in my classroom.  I teach fifth grade but most of these ideas can be adapted for any grade level or content.  I hope you find this to be a helpful resource!  Please feel free to leave your feedback and check back as I update this list!

Learning ObjectiveSubjectApps with LinkLesson PlanAssessment
Identify acute, obtuse, right, straight, and reflex angles. Use a protractor to label angles.Math

Whiteboard Lite

Animoto for iPhone
How to Measure an Angle
Part 1
  • Have students take at least 6 pictures of objects.
  • Open Whiteboard app and open one of the photos
  • Select a color, identify an angle, and trace directly on the photo.
  • Save the photo to Photos Apps
  • You will do this to identify 4 angles in 4 different pictures: acute, obtuse, right, and reflex.
Part 2
  • Open Video to use iPad camera to record a narrated demonstration (with visuals) of how to measure an angle using a protractor. Suggest have one student explain while another records the audio/visual with the iPad.
Part 3
  • Use Animoto app for the iPhone to upload pictures and video.  Add title slide and definition slides for each angle.
Completed Animoto

Define each type of angle using scientific language of the discipline including measurements.

Correctly identify and label one picture for each angle. (5 different pictures/
angles are included)

Demonstrate proper usage of a protractor to measure each type of angle.

Design, create and solve a complex, multi-step word problems using bar model drawing.Math
Singapore Math Bar Models
Using Bar Model Drawing
to Solve Complex Problems
Part 1
  • Students should review their textbooks to locate a complex word problem that requires at least two or three steps to solve.
  • Design a personalized, complex, multi-step word problem on a sheet of paper.
Part 2
  • Open app and select “Tool”. Use the bar model tool bar to write, draw, and solve their word problem.
  • Capture the completed image and email photo to teacher. Can be printed or uploaded to a blog to share.
Printed screenshot

Complex story problem that requires at least 2 steps to solve.

Writing is clear and the information provided is necessary  to solve the problem.

Solution is correctly shown using bar model drawing.
Demonstrate understanding of math concepts by teaching others.Math
Show How to Solve
Any Math Concept
  • Review math concept, give an example.
  • Ask students to select a math problem from the workbook.
  • Have students practice using the app to draw and record.
  • Students can use the app to record themselves solving the problem.
  • Possible extention - students can upload the video to a Youtube Channel.
Formative assessment to be sure students understand and can apply math strategies.

Demonstrate correct process and explanation determine mastery of concept.
—Draw a cartoon and illustrate it using comparative adverbs (or other grammar lesson objective).Language Arts - Grammar
Comic Life
English Grammar -
Comparative Adjectives
  • Launch the app and select a template.
  • Students can take pictures of objects around the room and add them to the template.
  • Add speech bubbles to show comparative adverbs such as “The car is smaller than the elephant”.
Students comic will correctly demonstrate correct usage of comparative adverbs.

(This app can be used for any grammar lesson!)
Identify and classify leaves by shape as pinnate, palmate, and parallel Science
Classify and Label Leaves
  • ››First, find an example of each type of leaf. Take a picture of each of the three types with the camera of the iPad.
  • ›Next, launch Skitch. Import one of the photos you just took.
  • Use the drawing tools to label the leaf and write a short description of what the veins look like. Insert an arrow to point to the veins on the leaf that help you identify the type of leaf it is. You will do this for each of three different kinds of leaves.
  • For each leaf, save your photo and email it to the teacher.
Student should correctly label and describe each leaf as pinnate, palmate, and parallel according to the number of main veins.

Correctly identify the veins in each leaf.

To view the entire document go to http://tinyurl.com/MyiPadLessons.

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