Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nearpod takes Egyptian Pyramid Lesson to a Whole New Level

Looking for a way to make Slideshow presentations more interactive?

Try Nearpod!

My district recently splurged and purchased licenses for all our teachers so I have been playing around with it. Here are the lessons I made for my class to learn about ancient Egyptian civilizations. Please feel free to use them with your students!

Nearpod allows teachers to upload premade slides and add interactive features to engage students and quickly assess their understanding. There are options for a teacher-led, Live Session and more independent, student-paced lessons to choose when presenting the Nearpod to your students, which really just depends on how you envision presenting the Nearpod in your class.

There are also options for using drawing tools, quizzes and polls, or open-ended responses (to name only a few) to formatively assess students as they progress through the Nearpod slides. This allows teachers to quickly see who has mastered the material and who needs more help.

Additionally, teachers can add pre-existing virtual reality Field Trips to their Nearpods. Later this week, my class will look at the inside of the tomb of Ramesses IV using the Field Trip Nearpod VR and Nearpod 3D! These are pre-made lessons that can be edited and tailored to your class.  Pre-made lessons are searchable by grade level and content area.

Here are some pictures of the students completing the Nearpod I made for engaging students in learning about Khufu's Great Pyramid. I look forward to making more Nearpods in the future!
This quick check had students labeling the parts of Khufu's Pyramid using the drawing/text tools.

Student's viewing my slides that have been imported into Nearpod. 

The entire class is following along on their Chromebooks during the lecture.