Sunday, April 1, 2012

First iPad Lesson

The decision to roll out our new class set of iPads happened quickly. They had been in our IT guy's office for a couple of weeks. And then all of a sudden they were in my classroom and we were putting them in the hands of students.

I had about 30 minutes to put together a lesson integrating them into our class. Here is what I did!

Edmodo App for iPad
Our class uses Edmodo regularly so I quickly set up a short quiz about our novel, Esperanza Rising, and downloaded the free Edmodo app to all 10 of the iPads using my personal apple ID and the syncing tray. When the students came in, we cleared our desks, discussed expectations for how to handle them gently and with respect (we didn't even have any covers, yet...), and passed them out.

The students logged into their Edmodo accounts from the app, and took their quiz. They could see their results immediately, which is a great benefit of using Edmodo for quick formative assessments. After the quiz, the students posted comments on each others posts. Everyone was so excited! The publicist took great photos for our website, and our IT guy was happy that all students were able to connect to our wireless network to get online. I couldn't stop grinning.

Now I know this may not be the most exciting lesson anyone has ever done on the iPad, but since it was our first time using them, it made sense to start small and with something familiar. It was fortunate the students already knew how to use Edmodo, so I didn't thave to take time demonstrating how to take a quiz or make a post. We could just enjoy using the iPads and being on Edmodo at the same time. (Due to limited access at school, most students access Edmodo from home, and are rarely all on at the same time, so this was quite a treat.)

I'm looking forward to creating and sharing many more iPad lessons in the near future!

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