Sunday, March 18, 2012


Two weeks ago, my class was presented with a set of iPads! My students and I are so excited to add these exciting learning tool to our utility belt!

We are sharing them with two other classes, so right now we have access to them on a daily rotating schedule. This was what we decided so that our teachers could plan to create projects that can be completed with in one school day. My goal is to try new ideas, apps, and projects that integrate technology using the iPads with our content.

My students are known globally as Fifth Grade Orange. One of our goals has been to share what we are learning and doing with a global audience of parents and classes around the world. Feel free to check out all our integrated projects on our class blog!

NH Tech Teacher was created so I could share what I've learned with other educators.  It will also serve as a platform for me to share what my students are doing as well as how I am using my own iPad for teaching.  I hope you will learn and share with me, too!

Please check out the new page for our iPad Projects!

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