Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Update on the Summer Reading Blog

Before we left for summer break, my class formed a summer book club.  Here is the original post on the Summer Book Blog.

Unfortunately, most of the students did not participate.  In fact, only 4 students took the time to post (out of 13) and of those, only 2 posted more than once.  So what went wrong?  The kids loved to blog about our books during the school year.  So why didn't that carry over into the summer months?

Was it lack of parent support/access/interest?
Was it that we didn't have concrete dates to read certain chapters by?
Was it because they didn't want to read during the summer?
Is it because the cool things we do in school, are still related to school not cool to do in the summer?
Is it because I failed to help them become life long learners?

The only way I am going to know for sure is to ask them.  So this year, when we go back, I will be interviewing them to find out what, if anything, would have encouraged them to blog.

I had originally envisioned using a blog for my Reading Log this year.  Now I am not so sure...

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