Thursday, July 21, 2011

One-One Portable Device Possibility

The idea was posed to me today that Nooks could be a useful tool in upper elementary classrooms.  After doing some basic research tonight here is what I have come up with.

Books have ebooks (through Barnes and Noble) and an internet browser with WiFi capability.  And they are way cheaper than iPads - by a lot!  There are some 100 apps available from their SHOP, some of those are categorized as learning,  but I am not convinced those will be really helpful to us.

On the downside, there is not camera or video recording capability and I am a big fan of multimedia, podcasting, and screencasting.  I like the idea of getting iPads instead, but I know that not having Flash affects teachers who like to use glogster and prezi.

I've got a Xoom and an iPhone at home, so I'm familiar with the usage of both Apple and Android apps. I know that there are things I have on my iPhone that I want for my Xoom that just aren't available for my version of android and that is very frustrating.  I expect that same problem would occur with the Nook as well.

I am looking for your feedback, experiences, and thoughts about using Nooks, iPads, or other portable 1-1 devices, either for personal or educational use.  If you know of any classrooms that are currently using iPads, please let me know.


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